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    Hello. Be my guest. My name is Vlad Popov.

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    New in portfolio

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    I offer design services for you.

    I do one-time orders or permanent works. We can communicate via email or skype.

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  • About me


    I graduated from the School of Yuri Grymov, he is famous designer and cinema director. For 14 years I was practicing in advertisement and design. I worked for many companies. For 5 years I worked on the position of creative director of the Russian office of the Brazilian furniture company . 5 years ago I won the tender for the creation of a multimedia product for the Indian concern "Glenmark". I have good skills in design, creative advertisment, copywriting, media, website, video advertising, SEO, etc.

    I'm in social networks:

    My interests: history, astronomy, military, literature, etc.

    I work with the programs:

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Dreamveawer
    • Adobe Flash
    • CorelDraw
    • HTML
    • CSS
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  • About My Works

    Creative Ideas

    To birn a great idea, I usually use high-quality coffee, good cognac, fresh lemon, good cigarettes and clear sheet of paper. The idea may not always come soon, therefore need to repeat the ritual as many times as necessary. Sure, with a break for sleep and other reconstructive procedures. If the idea finally doesn't appear or is not great enough, I have to use traditional Russian methods: vodka, caviar, balalaika and bears:))

    New Tecnologies

    I assure you that all work will be done exclusively on modern computer equipment. HDD, LCD, LAN, USB, HDMI, DVD, CD, DivX, WiFi. There are much more letters that I can write, but don't want you to be bored:)). However, in a tribute to the tradition I use some paper, pencil and other "old school" writing instruments. P.S. All computer equipment is equipped with the necessary software.

    Working atmosphere

    For great results I work in a calm and quiet place. The only sounds surround me are the soothing sounds of the computer technology and special designer's cats. Cats remind me to have a rest sometimes when they become hungry:)). If I cannot find my cats at home, I use bears. It's more easy in Russia:))

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